As a graduation present from High School I was given my first camera by my parents and have seen the world through a lens ever since. I enjoy landscape, travel, and automotive photography but have always been interested in shooting a wide variety of subjects.

Over the years I have worked at a variety of different photo labs. The most influential was A&I Color in Hollywood, one of the top fine-art and commercial photo labs in the world at the time. At A&I, I was a Technical Supervisor in charge of calibrating a variety of scanning and printing equipment. I also worked in the digital printing department making fine art and commercial prints for a variety of clients. Working at such a high end lab with talented people (both coworkers and clients) really refined my understanding of color and composition. I was also exposed to and learned about a wide variety of different photographic techniques and equipment.

I am a graduate of Otis College of Art and Design with a BA in Digital Media.  My time in art school gave me a solid foundation to build from, as well as a much broader context to view art and imagery from.

For my primary career though, I work as a Digital Visual Effects Artist on major feature films as well as independent films, TV shows, and commercials.

My motorsports photography website is Motorsport Lens and my Visual Effects website is Electric Reality.


Profile photo by Kurt Lawson.