After enjoying the art of Bonsai for a couple of years, I started sketching some of my own ideas for pottery designs. Not having easy access to a kiln, I was turned on to concrete by my uncle, Solomon Bassoff, who is a concrete sculptor. He makes wonderfully whimsical large scale sculptures for places like zoos, children’s hospitals, and other public places. After discussions with him, and lots of additional research, I decided to pursue concrete as my medium of choice.

One thing that I discovered along the way, is the fact that concrete leaches out Lime after curing. This can drastically change the pH of the soil, which is obviously not a desired trait of a pot for Bonsai. After further research, and consulting some experts, a lengthy soaking process in water, with daily water changes, gets rid of the Lime from the concrete making it pH neutral. Once this soaking process is done, there is no longer a worry about contaminants from the concrete pot.

Each concrete pot is cast by hand in a mold, then various treatments and color finishes are applied. The molds are of course made by me, and of my original designs.

Below are some photos of various designs and color treatments.