Russell Peak

Went on a training hike up to Russell Peak but didn’t quite make it all the way up. Russell Peak is south east of Owens Peak in the far southern Sierras. Maybe it was the 60lb pack or the fact that we started late in the day, but we just didn’t feel like pushing to the summit. We got more than half way up, then traversed across to the saddle for some sunset shots. From there we booked it back to the car, but did most of the return hike by moonlight. No flashlights needed at all! We didn’t feel like staying out late, so I ended up not doing any dusk or night photography.

Oh, and to add to the weight of my pack, I carried a 10lb rock in the bottom of my pack all the way from the car, up the 2000 feet we climbed, and back to the car. Yep, that was a workout.