Tom Steyer 2020

I was able to photograph Tom Steyer a few more times for his 2020 presidential bid. My photos were used both online, and in print for the campaign.

Tom Steyer 2020 in SoCal July 2019

I recently got a unique opportunity to join the Tom Steyer presidential campaign team as their photographer for a couple days while they were in SoCal. Here is what they posted to their social media feeds and my full gallery of selects. It is up to all of us to […]

Luftgekühlt 5

Photography from the amazing Luftgekühlt 5 event held April 22, 2018 put on by Patrick Long, Howie Idelson, and Jeff Zwart. This year’s venue was the cleanest lumber yard I’ve ever been to, Ganahl Lumber. It proved to be a perfect venue contrasting the raw building materials with hundreds of […]

Winter in the Grand Canyon

About a year ago I spent a few days on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon shooting some 360 time lapse footage for a project. While those cameras were rolling, I set up several regular time lapse cameras and got one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever filmed. […]

Coyote Flats Spring and Fall

Time lapse video from the two trips I took this year up to Coyote Flats, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains above Bishop, California. The nights were in the 20’s and teens on this recent fall trip, but it was definitely worth it. It is beautiful country, and it is great […]

Third Stars over Mojave National Preserve

Recently I spent two nights and one day on the northern side of Mojave National Preserve shooting time lapse. This is what I got. One three-axis Dynamic Perception slider, one one-axis DIY slider on a 2×6 with a Dynamic Perception controller, and one two-axis pan/tilt Emotimo TB3. All Sony a7S/a7S2 […]

Chimney Peak Wilderness Time Lapse

Here’s my most recent time lapse project from a short trip last week out to the Chimney Peak Wilderness in the southern Sierra. As usual, the big grand moving camera shots were done with my Dynamic Perception rig and all cameras were Sony a7 variations shooting through lots of different […]

Frozen Owens River

Time lapse video shot in the Owens River Valley near Independence, CA across two nights December 28 & 29. Several parts of the river were frozen solid enough to walk on, and definitely solid enough to rest a camera rig on. It was nice to be able to extend the […]

Death Valley Nov. 2015

Time lapse shot over two nights and one day in Death Valley on Lee Flat and on the north side of Hunter Mountain. The big camera moves were on a Dynamic Perception Stage One Plus with pan/tilt Stage R. Cameras were two Sony a7S’s and one Canon 1Dx with too […]

Meteor over Mammoth

Early Sunday morning, October 18, I caught a very rare sight on camera. During a time lapse shot (while I was sleeping) a meteor exploded in the night sky, thankfully within the frame of my 14mm wide lens. The light was very blue-green and bright enough that it lit up […]

North Rim Grand Canyon

Three free days, hmm, what do with them?   They were during the week so nobody else was available to join in, not a problem though.  The decision was more along the lines of, given my limited number of days to take a road/camping trip, where do I really want to […]

Hungry Valley SVRA

About an hour north of Los Angeles is Frazier Mountain containing a large number of great 4×4 trails.  My friend Daniel and I took a day-trip up to this area on Sunday only to find that the entire mountain and all of its trails were closed for the winter.  I […]

White Pocket, Zion, & Mojave

For my second trip in the Xterra, I eventually settled on a drive out to a place not too many photographers have heard of – White Pocket in Arizona.  White Pocket is located a little east of the famous Wave formation and the general Coyote Buttes area of Vermilion Cliffs […]

Anza Borrego 2013

After owning seven sports cars so far in my life (all but one having two doors), I have made a large paradigm shift and went for something different with vehicle eight. A couple weeks ago I picked up my brand new 2013 Nissan Xterra Pro-4x with a manual transmission. Not […]

Death Valley Nov. 2013

Recently I had a rare two-day weekend during a production, so two friends (Kurt & Christian) and I figured we would head up to Death Valley. As I don’t have an off-road vehicle yet, we took Kurt’s Xterra up for the weekend. Our initial plan was to head up from […]

Piute Pass

Most summers while I was a teenager included at least one long backpacking trip of a week or more with my father and brother. Over the last three years, my Dad and I (unfortunately my brother lives too far away to join us) have started back up doing an annual […]

China 2013

This year China was nowhere on my radar. In July I was finishing up work on Spider-Man for Comic-Con and starting to ramp up for the rest of the movie which would take me through next February. Out of the blue, I got a phone call though from an old […]

Chimney Peak Wilderness

One of the great things about living in Southern California is that you have such a large diversity of landscapes and environments within just a few hours drive. Back in 2011, a friend and I did a hike along a short section of the Pacific Crest Trail in the southern […]

Scotland & Ireland

This year we decided to take our big international trip to Scotland and Ireland. They have the benefit of being English speaking countries – oh, and they are also quite scenic and chock full of history. We spent a week in each country, renting a car in each to explore […]

Death Valley April 2013

Photography from a warm April weekend trip to Death valley. We spent Saturday in the Eureka Dunes in the norther part of the park and Saturday driving through the rest of the park. I absolutely fell in love with the abstract shapes and tonality of the dunes and will be […]

Chicken Foot Lake

This was another short overnight backpacking trip in the Eastern Sierras, but this time it was with my Dad who met me in Mammoth from Sacramento. We had decided on Chicken Foot Lake in the Little Lakes valley just above Rock Creek Lake between Mammoth and Bishop. The great thing […]

Blue Lake

Here are my photographs from a wonderful little overnight backpacking trip my wife and I recently did. The hike took us from Lake Sabring (outside of Bishop, CA) up to Blue Lake at 10,400′ elevation. About a half hour in, the clouds started to get a bit darker ahead. As […]

Devil’s Punchbowl

Had a great time on this easy day trip from Los Angeles up at the Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area. I didn’t realize that such a wonderful place with so many natural arches and other formations was so close to home. I’m definitely returning here for another trip in the future, […]